Heavy Duty Mobile Racking

Make the most out of your available industrial space and gain storage capacity with our heavy duty mobile storage systems.

Take control of your industrial space with heavy duty roller racking

Heavy duty mobile shelving is a longspan shelving system that, moves along tracks laid and levelled onto a floor, by the use of a handwheel, electric push button or pull along handle.

Unlike traditional static heavy duty shelving, where you would have an aisle either side of the bays of shelving, with movable shelves, only 1 access aisle is needed. The heavy duty long span mobile racking storage units can be moved singularly (manual) or altogether (electric), generating an aisle as and where it is required. When an item is required, the particular shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle is created, by moving the mobile shelving units apart.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Mobile Racking

heavy duty mobile shelving warehouse


As your business grows, the heavy duty mobile system can grow with you, making your industrial environment more productive without taking on more expensive warehouse floor space.

heavy duty mobile shelving user

Versatile for any sector

Our clients for heavy duty mobile storage include automotive, technology and engineering but the system will work for any sector that requires high density storage of heavy or bulky goods.

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Maximising your existing warehouse space

Heavy Duty Mobile shelving systems have become one of the most essential high-density storage systems for warehouses, especially where there isn’t a lot of available floor space. This system could not only save you money, it can also free up floor space for either more storage capacity, or additional racking. All heavy duty mobile shelving is installed by Safecontractor approved and Seirs approved installation teams.

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