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Oracle Storage

Moving Shelves On Tracks

Moving shelves on grouted tracks allows you to maximise space & gain storage capacity, whilst ensuring your items have increased mobility.

About Mobile Shelving

Take control of your space with a mobile shelving solution

Mobile shelves move along tracks laid and levelled onto a floor, by the use of a hand wheel, electric push button or pull along handle.

Unlike traditional static shelving, where you would have an aisle either side of the bays of shelving, with movable shelves on rollers, only 1 access aisle is needed. The moving shelves on tracks units can be moved singularly (manual) or altogether (electric), generating an aisle as and where it is required. When an item is required, the particular shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle is created, by moving the mobile shelving units apart

Example Electric Mobile Shelving.

Example Applications

  • Back of house storage/stockroom storage areas

  • Warehouse mobile shelving tracks

  • Storage of boxes & retail stock products

  • File & document management

  • Medical records & patient notes storage

  • HR & personnel records

  • Library book storage & records

  • Legal documents live & archived for law firms

  • Library and museum archives

  • Schools, colleges and universities

Heavy Duty Mobile Shelving.

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