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Oracle Storage

Mezzanine Floors

We are one of the UK's leading suppliers of mezzanine flooring for warehouses, offices, retail & the automotive sector. A mezzanine floor is a quick, cost-effective way to create new space without relocating to bigger premises, and can be installed in virtually any environment. We've supplied mezzanine flooring in leisure sites, distribution centres and even a nuclear fusion facility and even an old church.


Our Mezzanine floors

Take a load off. Tap into the vertical with a mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine floors are a robust and versatile way to increase space in any building with sufficient height. There are many factors to consider, but choosing Oracle Storage means we'll cover everything with you, from calculating floor loading, fire regs, and accessibility, through to supporting structures and utilities to deliver you a finished mezzanine you can rely upon.

Mezzanine Floor - Warehouse Example.

Complete mezzanine floors, ready for work.

Our full design-and-build mezzanine flooring service encompasses electrical, HVAC, plumbing, data cabling, fire prevention, lighting and security services. Ensure that your space is fully optimised and ready to go whilst complying with fire, health & safety and building regulations.

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Types of Mezzanines

Common installations include warehouse or office mezzanine floors, automotive mezzanines and storage mezzanine floors. And, if the space allows, we can install multi-tier mezzanines - often with a goods lift. Whatever your requirement, we custom-build to the contours of your workplace.

Fit out your mezzanine...

Mezzanine Type

What type of mezzanine floor are you looking for?

  • Warehouse / Storage Mezzanines
  • Automotive Mezzanines
  • Office Mezzanines
  • Retail / Public Mezzanines
  • Small Warehouse Mezzanines


What facilities do you require for your project?

  • Building Regs
  • Fire Rating
  • Shelving & Racking
  • Lighting / Power / Data
  • HVAC
  • Pallet Gates
  • Goods Lift
  • Flooring Finishes
  • Partitioning
  • Full Fit Out
  • Car Lift
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen / Breakout area

Building Regs

All mezzanine floors need to be approved by building regulations. Many things need to be considered including the size of the floor, number of staircases, travel distances to fire exits, fire-rating, smoke detection, weight loading and slab capacity. When further fit out works are being included in the project things like ventilation, lighting levels and disabled access all need to be considered, designed and approved. Oracle Storage work directly with Approved Building Regulation Inspectors to check your project will be approved, we organise everything from initial consultation through to sign-off.

Fire Rating

Depending on the size and/or usage of a mezzanine floor they may need to be fire-rated. We offer fire-rating as part of our turn-key solution. The standard solution is a 60min fire rated suspended 600x600 ceiling, fire rated column casings and fascia to project any exposed edges of the floor. Other options include fire-rated plasterboard ceilings, casings and fascia.

2 tier mezzanine floor - Bleckmann - Staircase smoke shield.

Shelving & Racking

Mezzanine floors are often installed to create space for additional shelving & racking. We design and supply a wide range of storage systems that can be installed either below or above your new mezzanine. 

View our wide range of shelving & pallet racking.

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking - Warehouse example.

Lighting / Power / Data

As part of our fit out service we can provide lighting, power and data to your new mezzanine or entire warehouse facility.

Lighting - below a mezzanine are often utilise 600x600 LED panels that seamlessly integrate into the fire rated suspended ceiling, this includes emergency lighting and escape signage. For other areas of your warehouse including pallet racking aisles, High-Bay LED lights are often used being both compliant and economical to run.

Power – From adding a few sockets to installing new distribution boards and wiring an entire warehouse, let us help you plan your power requirements.

Data – From adding additional data points to cabling your entire warehouse/office. We can supply just to terminated patch panels into existing cabinets or a new cabinet.


When creating new enclosed work areas ventilation is critical and often a requirement to pass building regulations. We can provide ventilation, air conditioning, heating and warehouse gas heating systems.

Pallet Gates

We offer a wide range of pallet gates to enable you to safely move goods onto your new mezzanine.

2 tier mezzanine floor - Bleckmann - Floor pallet gates.

Goods Lift

To safely move goods onto your floor a mezzanine floor goods lift can be the ideal solution as anyone can move goods and you’re not limited to only forklift operators. Ideal for distribution centres goods lifts enable increased picking/shipping rates.

2 tier mezzanine floor - Bleckmann - Lift front view.

Flooring Finishes

Our standard finish is uncoated P38 chipboard, we do offer a range of flooring finishes from water-resistant coatings, painted, carpet tiles, vinyl tiles or even ceramic tiles.


We offer an extensive range of partitioning solutions from metal systems like mesh partitioning, single skin, double skin to plasterboard partitioning and glass partitioning.

Full Fit Out

Many of our clients opt to appoint Oracle Storage as the main contractor and we then undertake all elements of your project. This one stop shop warehouse fit out approach is very popular as it enables you as the client to focus on your business whilst we take care of your project. We’ll handle everything from design, building regs, installation and handover.

Car Storage Facility Fitout.

Car Lift

We’ve partnered with some of the best vehicle lift manufacturers in the U.K. who can offer two post, four post, triple level parking lifts and floor to mezzanine elevators.

DK Engineering - Automotive mezzanine flooring - Automotive lift.


We have a wide range of furniture available from some of the leading U.K. furniture suppliers including our own range. Desks, office chairs, seating, storage, monitor arms and cable management are all available.

Kitchen / Breakout area

When creating additional office space it’s common to need a kitchen/breakout area for staff. From a simple kitchenette that might include a fridge/dishwasher to a large breakout area that includes space for employees to relax and socialise.

Arri Lighting - Office fit out - kitchen area.

Why Choose Us?

We’re reliable, reachable and we’ll revolutionise your workplace.

From straightforward mezzanine flooring installations to sensitive and secure sites, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver what you need, when you need it. Every brief is a privilege. 

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients say.

Our Projects
Mezzanine flooring design process.
Why Choose Oracle Storage?.
Why Choose Oracle Storage For Your Mezzanine Floor?.


Sector: Automotive

Size: 10,200 SQ FT

Price range: £51k - £100k

"Oracle Storage were professional, timely and provided a very smooth installation from start to finish. Ultimately it was their can do attitude' that separated them from the other potential suppliers."
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Our clients

From high-security mezzanine floors for a fusion-power research company to a mezzanine walkway in a trampoline park, our clients couldn’t be more varied. The common factor, that they trust us to design and deliver a quality product critical to the success of their workplaces.

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