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Oracle Storage

Electric Mobile Shelving

Our electric mobile shelving system is ideal for office environments with a host of features including safety stop, automatic object sensing and reverse and security built in – the perfect file storage solution for the modern office.

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About Electric Roller Racking

Mobile Shelving - The modern storage solution

Our electric mobile shelving solution based on the LOGICPlus™ Control System has all the sophisticated programmable controls you would expect from the most high-tech system on the market. In basic operation, you simply touch the arrow pointing the aisle you want to gain access to. The LOGICPlus™ Control System allows for limiting specific aisle access to specific authorised users, providing a solution based on your business needs.

Safety First

Our system offers NINE levels of safety features as standard:

  1. Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS™) is always on guard detecting resistance to mobile shelving movement. MCMS™ will stop all movement automatically if a person blocks the mobile shelving.

  2. Motor Record Monitoring System (MRMS™). The MRMS™ record previous carriage movement and compare the recorded values with a new movement. In case of too high current is the movement stopped on over current.

  3. Motor Drive Timeout.

  4. PTC Motor Protection.

  5. Passive Safety is ideal for public access environments.

  6. Emergency Stop Button on each Keypads.

  7. Safety Sweep along the carriage side.

  8. Auto Reverse, when is carriage is blocked the carriage will reverse 100mm.

  9. Isolator Button, cuts electricity to the entire system according to CE-norm.

User Friendly

The LOGICPlus™ uses advanced transponder technology for system programming and access control. If the stopping distances between carriages needs to be changed a single touch of the transponder to the Touchpad and the adjustment is completed. There is no need for users to struggle with the complicated codes or special devices required by other earlier generation systems.

If the user needs to limit access to a given aisle no codes or keys are required. Simply tell the system who should have access and with a touch of the transponder security has been established on a temporary or permanent basis.

Future Proof

Even though our electric mobile shelving system is the most advanced systems in the world, our engineers are constantly designing new functionality to make the system even better. Unlike other systems that can’t be upgraded once installed, our system is designed to accept new functionality as the software and firmware are developed. So owners of Oracle Storage Electric Mobile Systems will see their investment become even more valuable and their storage become even more effective as time goes on.

Example Electric Mobile Shelving.


Timed Access

The system can be programmed to only operate at certain times of the day.


The system can be programmed to automatically close when fire or security alarm is activated providing increased security.


Automatic lighting that turns on and off as aisles open and close.

Authorised Access

Pin access and transformer key access including integration with other security systems provides employee level access security permissions.

Our Process

Starting a electric mobile shelving project can seem like a daunting prospect so we’ve made the process as simple and reassuring as possible to ensure minimal impact to your existing workflows.


Survey & Consultation

Ideally, we begin with a survey of your premises, enabling us to see how you work, take measurements and discuss different options in person with you. However, if this isn’t possible then we can normally gain most of the information needed over the phone.

mezzanine survey.


Following on from the site survey we will deliver our proposal, drawing & recommendations based on your requirements and anticipated future goals.

mezzanine floor proposal.


Based on the agreement of your proposal we begin the final design process, submitting detailed drawings for your approval and sign off.

mezzanine floor design.


Each project has a dedicated project manager who will work with you to plan dates and to provide you with H&S documentation. Our qualified installation teams will then complete the project.

mezzanine floor installation.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and installations. We handover each project with all relevant documentation, training and certification.

mezzanine floor handover.