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Oracle Storage

Goods lifts

We partner with some of the leading goods lift manufactures to offer a wide range of handling options.

About Goods Lifts

Mezzanine Goods Lifts

As part of our mezzanine floor installation we can install a mezzanine goods lifts. Mezzanine floor lifts are vertical platform lifts that can lift up to 2000kg capacity. Enabling users to move goods alone or on crates, trolleys or pallets safely and efficiently between floors and suit numerous building types such as warehouses, stores, factories and workshops.

We offer small 250kg lifts right upto large heavy duty goods lifts that are ideal for heavy pallet handling.

2 tier mezzanine floor - Bleckmann - Lift front view.
Arri Lighting - mezzanine flooring - Good lift.
250kg goods lift.

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