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Oracle Storage

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Increase storage capacity over standard wide aisle pallet racking by adopting a double-deep pallet racking configuration.

About Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double storage capacity

The double deep racking system enables the storage of pallets two deep. With pallets accessed from one aisle, this reduces the number of aisles typically required, providing an increase in pallet capacity of standard solutions.

Double deep pallet racking is ideal for the storage of identical products with high turnover stock. Guide rails can be installed to help operators locate pallets quicker.

While double racking does have reduced picking rates over standard, it offers increased storage capacity while remaining very cost-effective.

Our double deep racking solution is manufactured here in the UK. Being one of the UK’s most experienced teams, we will design a solution to assist in renewing, reconfiguring or expanding your existing warehouse operations.

Features & Benefits of Double Deep Pallet Racking


Improved Storage Capacity

Double deep storage can increase pallet count by up to 50%.


Flexibility for Your Operation

The system can be relocated and/or reconfigured back to standard pallet racking if required in the future.


Lightweight & Heavy Duty

Available in a wide range of light and heavy-duty configurations.

Pallet Racking Product Comparison

The table below highlights the density in which pallets can be racked using each type of industrial racking available. Why not organise a free warehouse appraisal where one of our team will visit you to discuss what’s the best option.

Pallet Racking storage comparison chart.

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