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Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving allows you to maximise space & gain storage capacity with our mobile racking storage systems.

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Take control of your space with mobile roller racking systems

Mobile shelves move along tracks laid and levelled onto a floor, by the use of a hand wheel, electric push button or pull along handle.

Unlike traditional static shelving, where you would have an aisle either side of the bays of shelving, with movable shelves on rollers, only 1 access aisle is needed. The mobile shelving / roller racking storage units can be moved singularly (manual) or altogether (electric), generating an aisle as and where it is required. When an item is required, the particular shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle is created, by moving the mobile shelving units apart

Mobile Shelving & Roller Racking Supplier - Oracle Storage
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Benefits of mobile shelving & roller racking solutions

Mobile Shelving & Roller Racking Supplier - Oracle Storage


As your business grows, the mobile shelving system can grow with you, making your office environment or warehouse more productive without taking on more expensive floor space.

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Maximising your existing space

Movable shelving systems have become one of the most essential high-density storage systems, especially where there isn’t a lot of available floor space, such as units and warehouses in London. This system could not only save you money, it can also free up floor space for either more storage capacity, or personnel space. All mobile shelving is installed by Safecontractor approved and Seirs approved installation teams.

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Versatile for any sector

Many of the clients we design and supply mobile roller racking systems to in the London area include accountants, solicitors, NHS and back of house/stockroom retail premises, for these clients the storage of files and products need to be maximised in the given area, this is where our mobile storage solutions, compared to conventional, will work.

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Mobile Shelving Options

mobile shelving adjustable shelves

Adjustable shelves

Each system is fully bespoke so the number of shelves can be designed to suit your needs. The mobile bay shelves can then be adjusted with ease at any point by the customer.

Hanging Garment Racking Systems

Hanging Garment Rails & Pull out desks

Perfect for the storage of clothing in retail environments the system can provide high-density garment hanging storage. Pull out workstations can be used to assist in picking of items and for paper work.

mobile shelving file cradles

Filing cradles & drawer units

Filing cradles and bespoke drawer units can be added to a bay to provide the exact storage system needed. Including storage for suspension files, foolscap files and lever arch.

grouted track

Grouted Track

Ideal for uneven floors, these tracks are levelled and grouted directly onto the existing floor. Then a false floor is added between the tracks, ramps are included to avoid trip hazards.

low profile track

Low Profile Track

Mounts directly on the floor, ideal for level raised/computer floors. Requires the floor to have no more than 2mm deflection in any one-metre direction.

low profile carpet track

Low Profile Carpet Tile Track

Mounts directly on the floor for lightweight installations, carpet tiles installed between tracks. Requires the floor to have no more than 2mm deflection in any one-metre direction.

system r demountable track

System R Demountable Track

Our standard track system is fully demountable, levelled and includes false floor (carpet tiles can be installed). Ramps are included to avoid trip hazards.

screeded track

Screeded Track

Tracks are installed into a solid screeded floor, this provides a seamless finish, greater weight bearing and is a permanent installation.

server room track

Server Room Track

Designed specifically for raised server and data centre environments.

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Mobile Shelving & Roller Racking Applications

  • Back of house storage/stockroom storage areas
  • Warehouse mobile shelving units
  • Storage of boxes & retail stock products
  • File & document management
  • Medical records & patient notes storage
  • HR & personnel records
  • Library book storage & records
  • Legal documents live & archived for law firms
  • Library and museum archives
  • Schools, colleges and universities 

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