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Oracle Storage

Anti Collapse Mesh Partitioning

The Troax anti-collapse mesh system is the strongest on the market.

About Anti-Collapse Mesh Partitioning

Durable and Protective

Our system is a durable and protective mesh screen used to prevent accidents caused by goods falling from or being mistakenly knocked off pallet racking. Our anti-collapse is made from fully welded mesh panels with a 19x19mm tubular steel frame, tested to withstand an impact of up to 2500 joules. This is equivalent to a pendulum weighing 160 kg and travelling at 20 km/h. The panels are available in three models with different levels of protection. The anti-collapse mesh system is fast, easy and versatile to assemble.

Our Process


Survey & Consultation

Ideally, we begin with a survey of your premises, enabling us to see how you work, take measurements and discuss different options in person with you. However, if this isn’t possible then we can normally gain most of the information needed over the phone.

mezzanine survey.


Following on from the site survey we will deliver our proposal & recommendations based on your requirements and anticipated future goals.

mezzanine floor proposal.


Based on the agreement of your proposal we begin the final design process, submitting detailed drawings for your approval and sign off.

mezzanine floor design.


Each project has a dedicated project manager who will work with you to plan dates and to provide you with H&S documentation. Our qualified installation teams will then complete the project.

mezzanine floor installation.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and installations. We handover each project with all relevant documentation, training and certification.

mezzanine floor handover.

Talk to our storage experts

Our expert team are on hand and available to answer your queries weekdays until 5:30pm.

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