Distribution Centre Mezzanine Flooring & Storage

Warehouse Mezzanine Flooring

We design, manufacture and install warehouse mezzanine floors, enabling businesses to expand within existing premises or maximise the potential of new premises, in line with mezzanine fire and building regulations.

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Unlock your full warehouse storage space

A warehouse mezzanine floor enables you to fully benefit from any vertical space you have in your premises, allowing your business to grow without the expenses connected with moving or extending. 

New companies have the option to consider smaller warehouse facilities while still meeting with operational space requirements, using mezzanine floors.

We do not only install industrial mezzanines but can be appointed the Principal Designer and Contractor. As Principle Designer, we take full control of the project including Health & Safety and Project Management for the entire build including managing sub-contractors.

We can recommend a plan for improving your operational space using single or multi tier mezzanine floors, which will be tailored to your exact requirements allowing you to get the most from the space available. These solutions will enable greater space for multiple uses such as the storage of good and a private office space. We review your requirements to ensure a fully bespoke solution is created so the internal volume of your warehouse space is being utilised to full capacity.

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Bespoke mezzanine floors - design & installation
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Trusted by big business throughout the UK to manage their storage requirements

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Warehouse Mezzanine Flooring Uses

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Shelving & Racking

Install a wide range of shelving and racking solutions on your mezzanine floor including mobile shelving, very narrow aisle racking, and hanging garment systems.

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Pallet Storage

Often used to create live pallet picking locations within distribution centres and warehouses.

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Machinery & Packing Areas

Our mezzanines floors can be designed to take heavy machinery or to enable large-scale distribution warehouse packing areas in line with mezzanine building regulations.

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Control Rooms & Labs

We can install labs (inc. clean rooms) and control rooms to enable the monitoring of equipment or working areas in your warehouse.

Product Options

We can tailor a bespoke solution to meet the specific requirements of your warehouse operation. We offer a full warehouse fit out service and can provide specific aspects of the mezzanine for your warehouse, or everything needed for your solution including the mezzanine floors themselves with relevant safety compliance requirements, varying access systems, partitioning and electrics.

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Staircases & Pallet Gates

Staircase, pallets gates, and handrails that all comply with mezzanine building regulations and maximise operational performance.

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Electrics, Power and Data

Warehouse power, lighting, fire alarms, and data all installed by our qualified electrical team.

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Lifts & Chutes

Enabling the most efficient movement of goods within your warehouse, light and heavy-duty lifts and, gravity chutes to fully automated conveyor systems.

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Fire-Rating & Building Regulations

30/60/90min fire-rating is available to comply with mezzanine Building Regulations.

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