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Oracle Storage

Mezzanine warehouse design for fusion power project

"Oracle Storage Solutions have provided invaluable support with their flexible approach and prompt response to our ever changing requirements. Their knowledge of the marketplace has enabled them to meet our requirements on a number of different projects which were all delivered to time & budget."
Tokamak Energy logo.

Sector: Industrial

Size: 25,000 SQ FT

Price range: £101k - £250k

Products used: Offices, Meeting rooms, Security, Electrics, Facilities

Tokamak - Office mezzanine - board room 1.
Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - warehouse staircase.
Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - warehouse 6.
Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - warehouse workshop.
Tokamak - Office mezzanine - office view 1.
Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - warehouse ground floor.
Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - offices.
Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - warehouse 8.
Tokamak - Office mezzanine - meeting room 1.
Tokamak - Office mezzanine - offices with glass partitioning.
Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - warehouse 3.

The challenge

Tokamak Energy has a mission to change the way the world generates power – forever. They are developing a scalable fusion solution that will give the world an attractive new base-load power source that is plentiful, safe, cost effective, secure and clean.

Their target is to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion as an energy source by 2030.

To achieve this objective, they are working in stages, ensuring the technology is robust and meets clearly-defined targets and criteria. At each one of these stages Oracle Storage have been challenged to redesign the storage requirements at pace and precision.

Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - warehouse 5.

The solution

Tokamak relocated from 3 smaller industrial units and 2 offices into a new larger warehouse / office facility in 2017 and needed to be up and running as quickly as possible. Oracle Storage organised relocating several previously installed mezzanine floors, installing new mezzanine floors and installing high-quality double skin partitioning. All the storage is precisely installed around the Tokamak ST40 fusion device.

The results

Tokamak now have a world class facility that will assist them on the next phase of the journey to clean power. Oracle Storage will be there to support them at every step of this exciting journey.

"H&S is of paramount importance to us and Oracle Storage Solutions maintained these standards to the highest level. Their seamless planning has resulted in new workspaces that we are extremely delighted with the outcomes and we couldn’t be happier with the dedication & professionalism Oracle Storage Solutions provided.”

Projects Manager

Tokamak - Office mezzanine - office waiting area.
Tokamak - Warehouse mezzanine - warehouse 2.
Tokamak - Office mezzanine - board room 2.

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