Mezzanine Floors Building Regulations

If you are installing a mezzanine floor, it will need building regulations approval. We can advise on this, and of course if we are project managing the build, we will ensure it satisfies the regulations. In the meantime, here are a few points to bear in mind.

fire rated ceiling in progress

The building regulations will cover a number of key factors. You will need to know what sort of load the mezzanine floor will have to support. This determines not only the structural design of the floor, and proving that it’s capable of supporting the weight, but also the load that will be imposed on the concrete slab beneath it.

Access arrangements are also part of the regulations. Access must be safe and meet fire evacuation requirements. It also needs to comply with the Equality Act 2010, providing a safe means of entry and exit for persons with disabilities covered by the act.

Your mezzanine floor may need to be fire rated. This depends on its size and the percentage of your building that it occupies. The regulations could require firewalls, bulkheads, suspended ceilings, smoke detection systems and a sprinkler system. We can advise you if any or all of these are likely to be needed. In any case, your installation should meet basic fire safety requirements, such as emergency exit sign, emergency lighting and fire/smoke alarms.

mezzanine staircase smoke screen

In most cases, you won’t need planning permission to add a mezzanine floor. It’s usually only required where it changes the external appearance of your building (for example, if you have new windows put in) or if it’s likely to increase the amount of vehicular traffic (perhaps because it will house a retail outlet). Again, we can advise.

Finally, all mezzanine floors need to follow the guidance given in BRE Digest 437.

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