Mezzanine Floor Fire Regulations

Fire safety and protection is an important aspect of building regulations approval. Its requirement for mezzanine flooring depends on a number of elements which can help you determine whether your mezzanine floor will need to be fire rated.

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Does all mezzanine flooring need to be fire rated?

When considering maximising your workspace with the installation of a mezzanine floor, how you intend to use it within the space will dictate whether the floor will need fire rating, in order to comply with Building Regulations.

Mezzanines are often used to increase the capacity of a working environment for either storage or office space. Various factors such as the size of the mezzanine, travel distances, usage and the number and type of people that will be using the space at any given time will dictate what level mezzanine fire regulations are needed.

You can determine whether your mezzanine floor needs to be fire rated through checking specific criteria.

How do I know if my mezzanine floor needs to be fire rated?

Mezzanine floor normally need to be fire rated if:

  • It occupies more than 50% of the ground floor plan
  • It is more than 20m in either length or width
  • It occupies more than one tier/level
  • Members of the public will be using the floor
  • Staff will be occupying the mezzanine full time
  • The space will be used as an area for a large number of people (e.g. lunch breaks, training, meetings etc.)

You can read our guidance on how to determine whether you should be thinking about mezzanine floor fire rating.

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How can you fire rate your mezzanine flooring?

Mezzanine floor fire protection usually includes a 30 or 60-minute fire rated suspended ceiling installed to the underside of the mezzanine, with a fascia / bulk head to all exposed sides of mezzanine floor. The fascia / bulk head fills the void between the ceiling and underside of the chipboard decking on all exposed sides.

Each steel column that supports the mezzanine floor will also have a fire rated column cladding to give them a 30/60/90-minute fire rating.

We can provide the following fire rating options:

  • Suspended ceilings
  • Column casings
  • Cavity barriers
  • Bulkheads / fascia’s
  • Staircase enclosures
  • Fire walls & doors
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Smoke detection systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire rated plasterboard ceilings

The download below is a simple guide to if your project might require fire-rating, however we will always discuss this with you in detail as fire-rating and building regulations are a complex matter and need to be looked at on a project-by-project basis.

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