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Pallet Racking

Our versatile industrial pallet racking solutions suit every size of warehouse & accommodate all types of storage units.

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Pallet racking for your warehouse challenges

Oracle Storage industrial shelving and pallet racking systems offer many size and load options. Robust and with a wide range of adjustment, they readily adapt to fulfil your current and future storage requirements.

Whatever your space, our comprehensive warehouse pallet racking and pallet shelving systems have the answer.

Pallet racking provides you maximum flexibility & security for storing palletised goods, along with maximum space utilisation within your warehouse or factory. All these racks are designed to withstand intensive, 24/7 use, giving you long-lasting & reliable storage.

Pallet Racking - UK solutions

Pallet Racking Options

pallet racking new orange black

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

Highly configurable to your current and future requirements, Wide Aisle Racking works brilliantly with all types of loading equipment.

vna racking forklift red

Very Narrow Aisle Racking

Half the width of standard pallet solutions, our VNA racking packs more into less space.
double deep racking yellow black

Double Deep Pallet Racking 

A very cost-effective solution, our Double Deep Pallet Racking is ideal for space-efficient storage of high turnover stock.

drive in racking

Drive In Racking

Our Drive-In Racking offers more storage per cubic metre than almost any other pallet system, with potential access from both sides.

push back racking forklift two

Push Back Pallet Racking

Oracle Push Back Pallet Racking provides maximum utilisation of floor space and suits most types of handling truck.

cantilever racking yellow warehouse

Cantilever Racking

Exceptionally adaptable, our Cantilever Racking systems will store long, bulky and awkward items, with capacity for heavy loads.
pallet racking accessories guard@2x

Pallet Racking Accessories

Maximise efficiency, add protection, and tailor your Oracle Storage racking to your precise needs, with our practical accessories.

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Why industrial, warehouse pallet racking?

Regardless of the size of your warehouse or storage area, industrial pallet racking comes in lots of options to safely store your goods. 

From traditional standard racking to more advanced systems like drive-in racking or push-back racking there are plenty of options for maximising pallet storage for large items.

With commercial property prices increasing it’s critical that business maximise their current storage locations. With the advancement in Very Narrow Pallet Stackers or VNA Fork Trucks aisles can be reduced in size to create Very Narrow Aisle Racking that increases storage capacity dramatically. 

Oracle Storage are experts in all kinds of warehouse shelves & industrial racking, and can make recommendations following a free of charge warehouse storage consultancy visit.

Pallet Racking Product Comparison

The table below highlights the density in which pallets can be racked using each type of industrial racking available. Why not organise a free warehouse appraisal where one of our team will visit you to discuss what’s the best option.

oracle pallet racking comparison

This chart includes an allowance for pedestrian access and cross-aisles, and are based on typical reach truck operation.

The use of different truck types may alter the number of pallets stored.

Figures based on a standard pallet size of 1200 x 1000mm.

High storage capacity solutions

Our vast experience in producing tailor-made storage solutions allows us to recommend the most suitable racking system for your warehouse operation. We will provide recommendations using one or a combination of multiple options to increase yield and efficiency of your warehouse operation.

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pallet racking forklift boxes
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