Mezzanine Flooring

Design, delivery and installation of mezzanine floors across the UK.

With our extensive experience of creating bespoke mezzanine flooring solutions for a range of sectors, trust us for a versatile, robust storage solution to stunningly optimize your space.

Every space is different, so every solution is different. Mezzanine floors can unlock useful space for any sector that allows room for expansion and maximises business effectiveness.

If you have double-height ceiling space, a mezzanine floor can change the game for your business, allowing you to maximise your vertical space, broaden your capacity and delay the need to change premises.

As a semi-permanent structure, a mezzanine floor is a great scaling solution that can be dismantled and reassembled to make the most of space as needs change – seasonally, for instance.

As leading mezzanine flooring suppliers, we have the experience of delivering elegant office and warehouse mezzanine solutions for a range of sectors from automotive to ecommerce, distribution, manufacturing, retail and leisure.

Whilst every solution is different, our mezzanines have enabled expansion and increased effectiveness across a wide range of industry applications.


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    Uses Of Mezzanine Flooring

    Buildings with double-height ceiling spaces are ideal for mezzanines, particularly within industrial environments such as warehouses where goods are manufactured and/or stored.

    Here a mezzanine floor can act as a fresh, intermediate floor (or floors if you have room for multi-tiers) to create additional work or storage space.

    This allows unused space to be given new value, separating the noise and activity of industrial environments from office workspace.

    Some further examples of mezzanine floor usage are as follows:


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      A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building, the majority of times installed to provide extra space and storage in an office or warehouse. The word ‘mezzanine’ also means the lowest balcony in a theatre, and in Italian (mezzano) it means “middle”.

      Mezzanine floors are usually constructed of heavy-duty steel, aluminium, and fibreglass.

      Each mezzanine floor is individually designed to meet a precise technical specification. Take a look at our mezzanine flooring load page for more information on how much load your mezzanine can take.