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Mezzanine Floor Inspection

A mezzanine floor inspection is recommended to check the structural integrity of existing floors, providing reassurance that your employees are safe in accordance with Health & Safety.

About Mezzanine Floor Inspections

Mezzanine Floor Safety

Whilst there is no official regulation that states mezzanine floors are to be inspected, for Health and Safety we recommend that they should be inspected every 2 years to ensure and confirm that they are safe.

A mezzanine floor is effectively a large piece of workplace equipment, especially when used for storage or factory environments. Under The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) it's critical that companies have equipment checked, plus the moral obligation every employer has to make sure the working environment is safe for all employees.

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Warehouse Mezzanine Floor for Arri Lighting.

Inspection Checklist


Has the mezzanine floor structure got any signs of impact damage? This is quite common in warehouse environments.

Wear & Tear

Old and/or excessively used mezzanine floors may be showing signs of wear & tear that may impact safety. For example damaged chipboard decking or loose handrail fixings.

Overloading and Capacity

All mezzanine floors are designed and built to take a specific maximum load per sq. meter. We can check if the floor is being overloaded and provide you the floors capacity if unknown.

Fire Rating

Does the mezzanine floor require fire rating? It might have been installed as a simple storage mezzanine floor that didn't require fire rating, but now due to a change in usage it does.

Edge Protection

Is all the edge protection installed correctly? Are loading methods be done correctly with the correct use of up & over pallet gates?

Concrete Slab

Has the mezzanine flooring caused any damage to the buildings concrete slab? If so we can investigate the reason for this and offer solutions.

Building Regulations

Does the current usage of the mezzanine comply to building regulations? We can check everything from fire exit routes, lighting, smoke detection, emergency lighting and ventilation.

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