Anti Collapse Mesh

Our anti­collapse system prevents any risk of spillage from pallets in warehouse storages. This is a system that has been created for safe handling and storing of products in a logistics environment.

Durable barrier against accidents

Our anti­-collapse system for industrial racking, is the strongest on the market. It is a durable barrier against accidents caused by goods falling from or being mistakenly knocked off pallet racks, and it prevents any risk of overloading in high­stacking situations. The system is made from fully welded mesh and steel frames, and is strong and durable. The panels are available in three models with different safety levels to suit your specific needs. Anti-collapse panels are easy to mount using our sturdy brackets, which fit the majority of pallet racks.

Anti-Collapse Mesh for Pallet Racking Features

anti collapse mesh troax

Accident Reduction

The most important feature is the increase in safety by having anti-collapse mesh installed, preventing the risk of goods falling on personnel.

anti collapse mesh installation

Easy to Install

Our expert installation teams can install install this system quickly and with minimal impact on live operations.

balance sheet


Our anti-collapse mesh is the most economical on the market providing superior ROI with increased safety and productivity within your warehouse.

anti collapse mesh conveyor

Modular Construction

Being completely modular with varying panel sizes enable the system to be designed to any pallet racking configuration.


anti collapse mesh troax bracket


Musca (50mm/100mm/150mm/200mm/250mm/300mm) Ultima (150mm/210mm) Directly Against Racking

anti collapse mesh brackets


2200×700mm / 2200×1200mm / 2200×1500mm / 1100×700mm / 1100×1200mm / 1100×1500mm

Available in mesh sizes 50x50mm / 100x50mm / 25x25mm

anti collapse mesh high assembly

High Assembly Kits

Specialist Kits are available for fixing mesh to extreme heights above racking frame heights.

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