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Oracle Storage

Sigma Single Skin Steel Partitioning

The Sigma system is ideal for factory or warehouse environments.

Modular and flexible

The Sigma system is perfect for enclosing working areas where appearance is important, but there's no need for a double skin system, making our Sigma range a very popular and economic solution. It offers a lightweight and durable solution.

Applications include perimeter guarding for a number of things such as heavy-duty machinery, robots, conveyors, and other automated processes.

Single Skin Steel Partitioning - Sigma.

Benefits of Sigma

Easy access

Easy access for maintenance.


Can be combined with our Elan range, providing flexible working environments.


In a multi-tiered application, it can be used as a factory or warehouse division.

Single Skin Steel Partitioning - Sliding Doors.

Completely demountable

Completely demountable, enabling one panel to be removed without having to dismantle the whole enclosure.

Sigma Panel Types

Sigma is available in six different configurations: AS (all steel), FM (full mesh), SG (steel glass), SMS (steel mesh-steel), SGS (steel-glass-steel) and SM (steel mesh).

All Sigma panels come in the standard sizes shown.

Sigma Standard Sizes

Standard panel sizes include:


  • 3657mm

  • 3048mm

  • 1743mm

  • 2438


  • 300mm

  • 400mm

  • 500mm

  • 600mm

  • 700mm

  • 800mm

  • 900mm

  • 1000mm

Sigma Standard Sizes.

Bastion Mesh Options

Our standard mesh is 50.8mm (2 inch), however other mesh options such as 25.4mm (1 inch) and 12.7mm (1/2 inch) are also available upon request.

Other Mesh Options

We also offer perforated sheets, woven mesh and expanded metal in place of standard mesh, to help you fulfil your mesh requirements.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Other mesh options.

Door Options

Single Door

1000mm wide

2440 / 2743 / 3000 / 3657mm high

As standard the doors have 100mm double pressed hinges, 3 lever lock set.

Double Door

1800mm / 2400mm wide

2440 / 2743 / 3000 / 3657mm high

As standard the doors have 100mm double pressed hinges, 3 lever lock set and tower bolts for double doors.

Sliding Doors

900 / 1200 / 1800 / 2400mm wide

2440 / 2743 / 3000 / 3657mm high

Bastion sliding doors are available in full mesh, full steel, steel/mesh and steel/glazed. All the sliding doors as standard have a black finish hard wearing pull handle and padlockable bolts.

Colour Options

Add some colour!

We always prepare our products to the highest of quality. All panels are supplied with a TGIC and lead-free powder coat to an average thickness of 70 microns.

Non-standard and corporate colours are also available upon request, as are anti-static/electro dissipative and antimicrobial powder coatings.

Panels are prepared and powder coated in our UK based factory.

* RAL 9006 available at an extra cost

Colour chart.

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