Carton Live Shelving

Carton live shelving operates in the same way as pallet live storage but used for the storage of smaller hand-loaded items.

Reduce order picking times & minimises mistakes

Carton live storage racks reduce order picking times, minimises mistakes and provides an excellent space-efficient method of ‘first-in-first-out’ (FIFO) storage. Ideal in areas handling and picking fast moving product lines, for example; assembly, packing, and dispatch.

Carton live racking can be installed in a variety of storage systems, including shortspan, longspan racking systems. Based on inclined trays of roller tracks, set at different heights in the storage bays allows goods to roll forwards in dedicated lanes, from the rear loading to the front picking face.

A well-designed carton live storage system significantly reduces a warehouse employees travel distance, increasing productivity, which is particularly crucial in production lines or distribution centres.

Advantages of Carton Live Storage Racks​

carton live shelving warehouse

Compact Storage

Makes use of existing space while providing high-density storage to enable 100% access to SKUs.

carton live shelving worker

Improve Efficiency

Picking rate improvements due to products always being at the front of the system.

carton live shelving product

Stock Replenishment

Stock management and product replenishment is made easier due to FIFO and visibility of the stocked goods.

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Organised SKUs

Enables each product to have its own picking lane, allowing the perfect organisation of goods.

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