Mezzanine Floor Design

Mezzanine floors are dictated by their purpose: whether it will be accessed on foot, by handling equipment or vehicles, whether it will house just desks and chairs or heavy machinery, or whether it will be permanently occupied during working hours, or simply just used for storage.

As such, once we know the purpose, we can then begin helping with mezzanine flooring design.

Mezzanine Floor Design - Warehouse Visit Plan

Mezzanine Floor Loading

Probably the most critical area of designing a mezzanine floor is the floor loading itself. This will dictate the specification of the mezzanine floor, the supporting structure and whether the floor below will need to be reinforced.

Design Specifications

Whilst this information will have a major impact on the specifications & plans, so too will other aspects. If the mezzanine flooring is for vehicle storage, for example, will they drive on and off via. lifts or ramps? 

The amount of room required for your chosen entry and exit method will determine how much floor area is left for the actual storage, so planning is crucial.

The same applies for pedestrian entry and access. If the mezzanine is to be partitioned, will there need to be separate stairs? And will you need separate lifts to satisfy the requirements of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)?

Perhaps your mezzanine floor design will be part of a multi-level storage solution. Will conveyors pass through the mezzanine floor from ground level or should you allow for gravity chutes at the edges of the floor?

If the floor is for office workers, a staff canteen or a leisure facilities, it will need to include plumbing for toilets and washing facilities.

Warehouse Storage Design - Oracle Storage

Mezzanine Floor Design & Installation

We will discuss all these aspects with you and incorporate them, from initial enquiry stage through to detailed design and specifying. Our design will also factor in your current operations and the impact that installing a mezzanine will have on them. Right from the drawing board, we’ll do everything we can to mitigate any disruption and of course prioritise the safety of your workers and contractors.

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