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Oracle Storage

We’ve grown! And so has our brand.

16 January 2023

When Oracle was established back in 2003 we were a provider and installer of a range of shelving and racking systems. Since then, we’ve grown to encompass a whole suite of products and services from bespoke storage solutions to full warehouse fit-outs and we’ve also managed to become one of the country’s leading designers and installers of mezzanine floors.

Our new identity, created by Sadler Greenwood, is based on a geometric grid; the same grid that we use for our initial site survey drawings for all of our installations. We wanted to create the same starting point for the brand of our company; something flexible and more indicative of the work we do; work which is constructed in a three dimensional environment. True to our mission, of creating more space for our clients, we’ve also managed to get a mezzanine in there – in the ‘S’ – which, really, couldn’t be more on-brand.

We hope that our more modern marque, font and colours will enable us to better showcase our amazing products, services and work. And for our customers, we hope the new website will enable you to navigate and understand the breadth of our products and services more clearly; helping you to decide the best option for you. Of course, we’re always here for any questions you have. Call 01635 32032 or email us at [email protected]