Machine Guarding

Oracle Storage machine guard system is ideal for securing machinery and meets all the requirements set in the European Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC

Machine Guard Solutions

Warehouses and factories have extremely advanced equipment and processes which places significant demands on safety. In particular, there is a regulated need for controlled access for authorised personnel. Based on the results of your risk analysis you can select a mesh system based on the impact level which it must be able to sustain, how quick your access to the machinery needs to be and what type of visibility you need in the area.

We test our systems to ensure their functions and to guarantee our internationally known quality. All tested systems, posts and panels are branded with the “Quality Assured” and comply with ISO and CE regulations.

Machine Guarding Features

Strong & Proven

Smart Fix is our best-selling safeguard system. This versatile machine guard is extremely durable and fits most applications. Available in two standard heights, 1,250 and 2,050mm in up to 8 widths. Standard heights 1,400, 2,200, 2,650 and 3,000mm plus extension tubes. Our strong and flexible Smart Fix system is easy to assemble and can be combined with any of the machine guarding panels in mesh, steel or polycarbonate.

Robust & Durable

Strong Fix is our strongest machine guarding system. It has been developed and tested to endure the harshest environments. For heavy industrial environments and where there is a high risk for an impact, the Strong Fix system is the perfect solution. Based on the heavy 80×80 mm posts combined with a strong bracket and the ST30 mesh panels, the system is tested to withstand an impact of 2,500 joules.

Quick & Easy Access

Rapid Fix is a cleverly designed machine safety system that offers quick and easy access to the hazard zone. Rapid Fix has been developed in response to the customer needs for a quick and fl exible access solution, such as when carrying out maintenance. The lower bracket has a slot that the panel hooks into, and the upper bracket has a unique locking mechanism that snaps the panel into the correct position. The system is easily disassembled from inside the cell, using a hex key to release the panel.

Safe & Secure with doors and locks

We offer several types of doors to fit your machine guarding demands. Our door solutions include hinged, sliding, telescopic and linear doors, as part of our modular systems. Locks are adapted to your security level. There are several options, such as magnetic locks, euro cylinder locks and our own Safe Lock, that can be fitted with many variants of safety switches. All doors can be supplemented with brackets for easy mounting of your own electric safety switches.


troax mesh partitioning post


Our posts have a stable design and are the backbone of our systems, they come in many different styles to suit each project.

machine guarding automotive robotics

Door Closer

Door closer as an option to our hinged door system, the door closer is mechanical and adjustable.

citibank mesh partitioning lock

Lock Options

Safe Lock, Latch, lock, keypad and emergency exit panic bars are all available.

single skin partitioning machine guarding


The system comes in standard RAL 7037, RAL 9005 and RAL 1018 but any colour can be requested.

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