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Our mobile shelving systems offer high density office, retail and industrial storage ideal for file archiving or stock room storage. 


Mobile Shelving

The ideal high density storage system for office filing, archive storage and the storage of products.

Our manual and electric powered mobile shelving system is designed to maximise the given storage space and the storage capacity. Used in areas including and for:

  • Live file storage & archiving
  • Storage of boxes & stock products
  • HR personnel records and document storage
  • Retail stock room / Back of house storage 
  • Lloyd George files & medical records, patient notes
  • Garment storage / hanging clothing for stockrooms
  • Library book and public record storage
  • Banks financial records
  • Legal documents for law firms
  • Engineering drawings & products
  • Laboratory samples & test equipment

Accessories include:  

  • Drawer units
  • Full & part height dividers
  • Fixed/Pull out file rails
  • Tambour, sliding & hinged lockable door sets

Mobile shelving is cost effective and can also free up valuable floor space, for either more storage capacity, or personnel space.


Mobile Shelving Case Study

The world renowned auction house Christies in London, needed to update their existing storage system in several areas to house a growing number of bound catalogues, dating back to 1766.

The manual mobile shelving system was designed to maximise storage in each room, while still allowing easy access to the archives and main routes through the building.

New Electric Powered Mobile Shelving System / Roller Racking

Our new electric mobile shelving system is ideal for office environments with a host of features including safety stop, automatic object sensing and reverse and security built in. It's the perfect file storage solution for the modern office.



Ideal for long office walls and narrow spaces, a great solution for document storage and especially financial, HR records and medical records.

Usually you would have fixed bays of shelving at the back of the system (possibly against a wall) with mobile shelving bays sliding left to right in front of them


rotary X2

Designed for the modern office environment, our rotating or X2 shelving system provides double the storage of a standard shelving unit.

To access the shelving bay that is behind, you literally spin the system, one full rotation, on its central access.
Half a spin will hide both bays, which then can be locked.


Manufactured in Great Britain

We're proud that our mobile shelving systems are manufactured in the U.K. to the highest standards, it's how we offer an industry leading warranty & service contract.

Project Management and relocation

Project Management & Relocation

We project manage every mobile shelving installation and can also plan and organise file storage relocations.
Installations across the UK to Dubai

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