Our electric mobile shelving solution based on the LOGICPlus™ Control System has all the sophisticated programmable controls you would expect from the most high-tech system on the market. In basic operation, you simply touch the arrow pointing the aisle you want to gain access to.


Other options that can be included in the system including:

  • Timed access control for any hours you require
  • Automatic lighting
  • An option for auto close when fire alarm or security alarm is activated
  • PIN access for authorised staff
  • Integration with access control and security systems


Transponder Technology

The LOGICPlus™ uses advanced transponder technology for system programming and access control. If the stopping distances between carriages needs to be changed a single touch of the transponder to the Touchpad and the adjustment is completed. There is no need for users to struggle with the complicated codes or special devices required by other earlier generation systems.

If the user needs to limit access to a given aisle no codes or keys are required. Simply tell the system who should have access and with a touch of the transponder security has been established on a temporary or permanent basis.



Personal Safety

Our system offers NINE levels of safety features as standard: 

  1. Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS™) is always on guard detecting resistance to mobile shelving movement. MCMS™ will stop all movement automatically if a person blocks the mobile shelving.
  2. Motor Record Monitoring System (MRMS™). The MRMS™ record previous carriage movement and compare the recorded values with a new movement. In case of too high current is the movement stopped on over current.
  3. Motor Drive Timeout.
  4. PTC Motor Protection.
  5. Passive Safety is ideal for public access environments.
  6. Emergency Stop Button on each Keypads.
  7. Safety Sweep along the carriage side.
  8. Auto Reverse, when is carriage is blocked the carriage will reverse 100mm.
  9. Isolator Button, cuts electricity to the entire system according to CE-norm.

The LOGICPlus™ Control system will also interface easily with any other safety devices such as Infra-Red Aisle Monitors, EDS™ Sensor, Safety Sweeps and Safety Tape.

Upgradeable Logic System Means The System Will Always Be State-Of-The-Art

Even though our electric mobile shelving system is the most advanced systems in the world, our engineers are constantly designing new functionality to make the system even better. Unlike other systems that can’t be upgraded once installed, our system is designed to accept new functionality as the software and firmware are developed. So owners of Oracle Storage Electric Mobile Systems will see their investment become even more valuable and their storage become even more effective as time goes on.