Commercial Office Storage Systems

We design and supply storage systems for commercial businesses, including mobile shelving, slide-to-side mobile shelving, static shelving, bench office desking and more.


Office Mobile Shelving Systems

We install hundreds of mobile shelving systems each year for businesses in London and across the UK. These installations are often required due to relocation or expansion of employee headcount, resulting in less floor space for storage. So with our expertise and experience we can maximise a space, saving the client sq ft cost.


Static Office Shelving

A cost effective and good looking solution for open plan offices. The system is completely customisable based on your requirements.

With a wide range of accessories to personalise the system to your storage needs.


Slide-To-Side Mobile Shelving

A great system for narrow spaces to store documents and records.

Usually designed with static / fixed bays to the back of the system against a wall and the moveable bays on tracks at the front.